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Crossing the Pond

2011 UK Debate trip to Cambridge and Durham Universities

Departing Wednesday before Thanksgiving and returning 9 days later

$900 due the first week of September. Limited to four

The UK Debate Tour is full and no more students may add. Up to three more students who wish to pay full costs of $2,700 may add however.

1. Shelbe Kukowski

2. Nikolay Borisov

3. James Bowsher

4. Joshua Michel

5. Calvin Horne

Paradise: HPU Pan Pacific Championships 2012
$150 fee due first week of January, 2012.
You must be a returning debater with tournament success. All briefs from fall turned in.
1. James Bowsher

2. Nikolay Borisov

3. Calvin Horne

4. Kirsti Eary

5. student judge: Joshua Michel (possibly?)

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China Open May 15 -- 25, 2012
Travel fee is $900 -- due March 15, 2012
two debaters only
1. Nikolay Borisov
2. Kirsti Eary (maybe)