Eagle Speaks Speech Tournament

Thursday Nov. 3, 2011Students from all sections of basic speech courses are eligible. Winners will receive first, second and third place medals in informative and impromptu speaking. First place winners will also receive a prize including: $50 cash, two free tickets to the fall play, a Starbucks card and lunch with Dean Darrell Hobson. Each section of Fundamentals of Speech will select 3 students to compete in the two events.

Each class will select the three students for each event for a total of six competitors. (We may permit more if we don't fill the slots).

Three students for the informative speaking event and three for impromptu speaking event. (The same student may enter both events). There will be three judges in each round. Judges will rank each student one to six and rate each speech on a 30 point scale.

There will be two rounds for each event. A semifinal round and a final round.

Thursday Nov. 3

2:00 PM Semi Finals Informative – two sections with six students each

3:15 PM Finals Informative speaking

4:30 PM Semi Finals Impromptu speaking – two sections with six student each

5:45 PM Finals Impromptu speaking

7:00 PM Awards ceremony

Speech Rules

Informative Speaking
7 to 10 minutes The purpose of the speech must be to educate the audience about a topic of significance. The speech will demonstrate all requirements for cohesive organization and variety of support. Three or more sources should be used and cited in the speech. Visual aids that support a key idea are required. Limited notes are permitted.

Impromptu Speaking
7 minutes. Students are provided with three topics, ranging from quotation to one or two word concepts. From these, they will choose one topic and have a total of 7 minutes to both prepare and speak. Timing commences with the acceptance of the topic sheet and time signals will be given aloud while students prepare. Typically students spend two minutes preparing and five minutes speaking. The speech will have clear organization with sign posting. Speech may use humor but should develop an academically relevant or socially significant thesis based on the topic.

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